Vancouver Convention Centre

Perfect encounter between functionality, aesthetics and sustainability

Situated on Vancouver’s waterfront on one of the most unique civic building sites in North America, the world's first LEED Platinum convention center is designed to bring together the complex ecology, vibrant local culture and urban environment, embellishing their interrelationships through architectural form and materiality.



Opened in April of 2009, the Vancouver Convention Centre West represents the encounter between functionality, aesthetics and sustainability, indeed the main goal behind this project was to create a building which would be not just functional and beautiful, but also ecologically sustainable. This has been proven by its LEED Platinum Certification from the Canada Green Building Council. The sustainable design elements include a six-acre living roof which features west coast plant life and the energy efficient use of seawater for the heating and cooling system.



Products used

Vancouver Convention Center West has been completed for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics 2010, more than 7000 media were reporting each day from its media centre. The core aspect of the design is a free, unhindered façade offering a breath-taking view of the North Shore Mountains, Stanley Park and over the Burrard Inlet. Hence the avoidance of a metal vertical structure to stiffen the facade rather the use of 19mm SECURIT-H safety glass stabilisers to support the solar control glazing system. The extra-clear DIAMANT glass was used to impart a fusion with the natural surrounding for the occupants. The solar control insulating units also use the low-iron DIAMANT glass, providing no only a natural, colour-neutral daylight but also an optimum safety. 


Predestined to match the natural environment, Vancouver Convention Centre West merges perfectly with the local culture and the surrounding buildings thanks to its architecture. The building is used to frame public open space and extend the city’s pedestrian activity to the waterfront. Connecting to an existing harbour greenbelt, it continues a public promenade and bike trail across the site, connecting itself to the city’s park system.