BMW World Munich

A new dynamic and innovative design

The open architecture and the glass facade bring an array of light to the interior spaces and opens up the building to the environment, integrating harmoniously the BMW World in the context of the architecture of the Olympia Park and existing BMW building.


The courageous design of the Viennese architects COOP HIMMELB(L)AU integrates the BMW World Munich in a visionary and trend-setting manner into its world-famous surroundings. The character of the structure is strongly defined by the exciting playfulness between the floating roof structure above the flexible and transparent display areas. The imposing and dynamic eye-catcher is the prominent double-conical facade. The glass and steel covered tornado-like structure which twists upwards and ends in the cloud-like floating roof structure, is created from a dynamic deformation of the two support tiers and form the main support for the roof.

Products used

In 2000, the BMW Group decided to build a brand-experience and car-delivery center close to the corporate headquarters and the BMW museum. One of the main design ideas was to expand the existing configuration of the BMW Tower and the museum with an additional element so as to create a spatial, ideal, and identity-forming architectural ensemble. These considerations led to the final design consisting of a large transparent hall with a sculptural roof and a double cone.

The extraordinary shape of the building made particular demands on the geometry and exactness of the facade elements, thus Glassolutions constructed in 3D 900 different insulated safety glass units to cover about 2,850 m2. In order to avoid the typically inherent green tint of float glass, DIAMANT low-iron glass was used as the basis material. One of the greatest challenges in the supply of the total 12,400 m² of glass was the logistics and the diversity of the 26 different glass compositions as well as the great variety of shapes involved. The installation of every single piece of glass was planned exactly. The combination of almost every Glassolutions product DIAMANT, STADIP, SERALIT LITEX etc. lends itself to the unique and imposing appearance of BMW World in Munich.


Since its opening, the BMW Welt has offered changing exhibitions, as well as delivery for cars. At the very beginning, BMW said to expect about 800,000 visitors per year, but last summer the 10th million visitor was welcomed. Each year around 2,2 million people walk through the doors of the building, making it the most popular tourist attraction in Bavaria, according to BMW.