Adi Dassler Brand Center (ADBC)

A shimmering black crystal opposes the passing of time

Glassolutions supplied the glass façade constituting the black monolith of the Adi Dassler Brand Center (ADBC), the new Adidas central building. The structure named “Black Crystal” expresses the sense of time: timeless from the outside and the time in transition from the inside.


In 2006, the Austrian architecture studio Querkraft designed the new Adidas corporate campus and central building for events, presentations, product shows and meetings. The Adi Dassler Brand Center (ADBC) was built with the purpose to represent the permanent values of the brand: the Black Crystal states its independency over fashion trends. ThevHybrid between landscape and architecture The brand asserts its mystical peace through the black monolithic glass structure and its constant evolution towards the future with the arena inside the building.

Products used

ADBC center in its 5000 m² hall presents a simple structure, it is in principle the idea of a box inside a box. The outer box is a glass and steel skin and the inner box is made of pre-fabricated concrete. During the day, from the outside, you can only see a homogeneous black shimmering stone. Even doors are invisible! The glass facade has been created using VARIO system built on PARSOL grey glass, which gives the building its simple elegance perfectly matching Adidas’ aim to portrait its corporate identity. 

''The “Black Crystal” was intended to be a sharp-edged, plane and transparent large-scale form without expansion joints or sections."

Querkraft Architekten


Adidas central building represents the perfect combination of the company identity timeless on the outside and in continuous evolution toward sport and new technologies on the inside. Additionally, the space acts also as a multifunctional environment allowing customers, employees and other guests use the spacious arena for relaxation and casual meeting point.