Safety Glass

Whenever security and safety are required, Glassolutions offers you the best performance glass

Fill your interiors with light, in total reassurance of your safety and security. Glassolutions range of laminated glass protects you from injuries and by accidental or deliberate attacks and damages. Thanks to its interlayer, when laminated glass breaks it stays intact thus protecting against the risk of serious injury. Enhanced security glass helps protect against break-in attempts or vandalism by delaying or even preventing penetration through the glass in the event of a forced break-in or damage.


Glassolutions STADIP PROTECT is a laminated security glass composed of two or more sheets of with several PVB interlayer films (butyral of polyvinyl) 0.38 mm thick. Glassolutions STADIP PROTECT is bespoke in order to meet your security needs, therefore the number and the thickness of the glazing components may vary. In case of glass breaking, the fragments remain stuck to the films interlayers maintaining the glass in place.


Glassolutions STADIP ULTIMAX is a range laminated glazing composed of a polycarbonate sheet and glass sheets, between which are placed several PVB interlayer films (butyral of polyvinyl) and PU (Polyurethane).  The usage of Polycarbonate has a positive impact on the weight and on the total thickness of the glazing. Glassolutions STADIP ULTIMAX assembled with Polycarbonate is thinner and lighter than Glassolutions STADIP PROTECT composed of glass and PVB.


Flexible to adapt to any environment and need, Glassolutions safety glass is perfect when protection against forced entry is wanted from door entrances and windows as well as building facades, it is also impact resistant which makes it ideal for glass floors or stairs and glass roofing. Glassolutions full range of protective glasses contributes to the security of businesses and offices, from armed attack to banks and financial institutions to vandalism and burglary to shop fronts.


Resistant to explosions and gunshots Glassolutions glass meets all the highest demands in safety and security and suitable for multifunctional applications requiring protection. Glassolutions glass is bespoke and designed for differing levels of protection, from vandalism, environmental accidents, burglary and explosions.

Laminated safety glass provides many solutions for the protection of people. If broken, the glass remains bonded to a plastic sheet and is less likely to cause injury to people or property. The plastic sheet also makes penetration more difficult.