LED Mirror

LED mirrors with their relaxing and warm led lights can turn your bathroom into a spa

Let yourself get inspired by Glassolutions bathroom ideas, with LED mirror you could have the ultimate spa experience. Creating a feeling of relaxation and intimacy, Glassolutions newest bathroom lighting transforms your bathroom offering you a spa break thanks to its gentle LED lights. The secret: the creative use of light. The special led bulbs of Glassolutions illuminated mirror diffused lights combine wall art with interior design. Lighted mirror is ideal for bathroom mirrors but can be used also for vanity mirrors in bedrooms.


All Glassolutions lighting mirrors are built on Glassolutions MIRALITE REVOLUTION. Glassolutions STANDARD LIGHTING MIRROR is the perfect complement to each room, ideal as a bathroom mirror it can be also used whenever a minimal design needs to be achieved. Thanks to its contemporary design STANDARD LIGHTING MIRROR can easily adapt to any kind of home decoration and can become a design element on its own.


Conceived in close collaboration with the architect and interior designer Fabrice Knoll, a hotel and spa specialist, Glassolutions DESIRE is a new contemporary mirror with design lights. The soft led lighting of each selected pattern brings a touch of interior design to any room. Built as a lighting mirror for bathrooms, Glassolutions DESIRE can also be used in bedrooms and offices whenever a sophisticated interior decoration is required.



Glassolutions range of illuminated mirrors have initially been produced specifically for hotel rooms because of their distinctive spa atmosphere. Led lights offer new bathroom ideas to your design lighting by creating intimate and relaxing spaces. LED mirrors are ideally suited as bathrooms mirrors, but can also be adapted to bedrooms as a vanity mirror and offices as a decorative mirror.


The key feature of Glassolutions LED mirror is the typical indirect light. Their soft and warm light allows you to wake up gently in the morning, while during the evening it helps to relax and relieve stress.

Illuminated mirrors are made with Glassolutions MIRALITE REVOLUTION, free from any toxic substances and preserving indoor air quality. In addiction Glassolutions MIRALITE REVOLUTION is highly sustainable, given its reduced environmental footprint and composition of 30% recycled glass


Hotel Ampère in Paris brought the spa universe in its bathroom. The bathroom has been transformed into a place of gentleness and wellbeing, a calm oasis where technology met design.

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Fabrice Knoll is an architect and designer, known to constantly lookout for innovation and to anticipate new trends. He supported DESIRE project because of the deep interest he has in integrating the human dimension in each of his architectural or industrial creation. DESIRE represents the results of this collaboration, merging technology with design but emphasizing the well-being of people.