Lacquered Glass

A touch of colour to your interiors with Glassolutions lacquered glass

Glassolutions lacquered glass offers a large range of colours and textures to personalise your interiors. Lacquered glass is able to combine perfectly with modern and classic furniture and its colour palette blends seamlessly with natural materials like wood, metal or stone. Lacquered glass allows you to enhance halls and living rooms by cladding walls, and to add colour to your bathroom with bath panels and kitchen with splashbacks.


Glassolutions DECOLIT is a transparent or satin glass that has been coated with an opaque or translucent lacquer (either fully, or in part) which brings a touch of refinement and elegance to interiors. The DECOLIT range comprises seven different vivid colours, but upon request metallic paints and special colours are available. Therefore most different motif and colour combinations are possible.


Glassolutions DECOLAQUE is a lacquered glass, its opaque and coloured aspect is obtained by the deposit and baking of a highly resistant lacquer on the back surface of the glass. Glassolutions DECOLAQUE range is composed of 26 different colours, 7 of which are available in metallic shades, 13 in hot colours, 13 in cold colours. It is also available in a matte version that gives a satin finish.


Glassolutions VITRIO is a range of coloured, backpainted glass for kitchens and bathrooms and offers striking solutions for walls, surfaces, borders and more. It is available in 46 standard colours and can additionally have a sparkling effect to achieve different visual results, bespoke colour options are also available on request. Glassolutions VITRIO can be applied in any interior and it is the perfect complement in demanding locations like bathroom and kitchen as it can be toughened for safety. Achieve a truly bespoke room whether in a period property, modern family home or contemporary apartment.


Glassolutions PLANILAQUE EVOLUTION is a lacquered glass in which has an opaque and tinted appearance, through applying and firing a layer of high resistance lacquer on the reverse side of the glass. The range of PLANILAQUE EVOLUTION comes in 12 different colours, five light shades, contrasting with bold colours as well as intense black and grey.


Glassolutions lacquered glass combines coloured lacquer with the brilliance of glass. Lacquered glass reflecting light enhances any interior space and with its limitless applications it can be used anywhere from homes to offices, from shops to hotels and museums. It is the perfect product for glass panels as well as for interior doors and to furnish your living room. Able to withstand heat and humidity, lacquered glass can also be used in more demanding areas such as in kitchens as splashbacks or worktops and in bathrooms instead of standard tiling.



The variety of the possible colours makes an individual design possible. The colour range composed of warm and cold shades, makes lacquered glass the ideal product for different spaces from traditional to modern design and able to blend with natural materials like wood, metal or stone.

Glassolutions lacquered glass is very easy to clean and maintain, any clean soft cloth can be used. In addition its perfectly smooth surface does not allow bacteria to linger, making it the perfect product to protect your personal and home hygiene.