Glass Floors

Glass floors combine style and design with safety and durability.

Glassolutions offers you a new unique way to design and improve your home decoration. Glass makes a dramatic impact in any application from stair tread to floors panels and it also allows light transmission reducing the needs for artificial lighting. The simplicity of glass donates a welcoming dimension to any interior and allows you to seamlessly path your flooring with any type of interior design.


Glassolutions LITE-FLOOR is a laminated floor glass consisting of two or more glass layers with one or more polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayers  and a protective glass which may include a coating designed to improve antislip properties. Glassolutions LITE-FLOOR can be combined with different products in order to best suit your needs. Glassolutions offers you a full range of glass for your floors and staircases from sand-blasted glass to a matt finish, from extra clear to colored glass.



Glassolutions LITE-FLOOR glass flooring provides excellent resistance to impact and it can be used for floors and staircase applications. This very safe flooring is perfect for homes, but also for its stunning appearance. It is ideal for public spaces such as hotels, restaurants, and offices. Glassolutions LITE-FLOOR is designed solely for use by people, and it is not intended to carry permanent loads.


Glassolutions  LITE-FLOOR can become a real design product for your interior. Glass panels can be personalized with colors, patterns or screen-prints. In addiction Glassolutions LITE-FLOOR is made from laminated safety glass, the glass units still adhere to the interlayer fi lm if cracks or even breakages occur.