Fire Resistance Glass

High performance fire-resistant glass products

Glassoulutions range of UV-stable fire resistant safety glazing offers you different types of protection based on your needs. Suitable for both vertical and horizontal constructions, fire resistant glass can be used in interior applications such as internal doors and partitions and in external applications such as windows and facades.


Glassolutions PYROSWISS is a thin, elegant, fire-resistant glass with improved mechanical integrity and anti-breakage properties compared to ordinary toughened glass. It is also heat soak tested to ensure performance reliability. Glassolutions PYROSWISS can be used both internally and externally and offers class E smoke resistance. It is available as single glazing, laminated, double glazed units and for a smoke barrier system.


Glassolutions VETROFLAM is a toughened heat soaked product that has been especially developed for the reduction of radiated heat in the event of a fire. It is highly suited for large surface areas for both internal and external applications. Glassolutions VETROFLAM forms an effective barrier against smoke, flames and toxic gases for up to 60 minutes with reduced radiant heat (EW60). It is available as single glazing, single laminated glazing and double glazing.


Glassolutions CONTRAFLAM is range of fully insulating, clear, fire-resistant safety glass that offers from 30-120 minutes of integrity and insulation (EI30-EI120). It consists of two or more sheets of toughened safety glass and the cavity between the sheets of glass is filled with a transparent intumescent gel interlayer which reacts when exposed to fire. Glassolutions CONTRAFLAM satisfies the highest demands of fire protection and it is robust in handling and UV stable with numerous variations available (single glazing, laminated, double glazing).


All Glassolutions fire resistant glass can be used both in vertical and horizontal constructions and it can be fitted in standard timber and steel window frames. According to the performance level you want to achieve, Glassolutions range of UV-stable fire resistant safety glazing offers internally and externally specific products. If you are looking for a smoke barrier system fire resistant glass is perfect for windows, partitions and doors. Radiation control glass can be used for fire doors, roof glazing and exit routes while insulated glass can be applied in stairwells, corridors and emergency exit.


Depending on the product, fire resistant glass offers you from 30 to 120 minutes integrity. In addiction all Glassolutions fire resistant glass are UV Stable, allowing you exterior and interior applications.

Glassolutions fire resistant glass is bespoke and can be combined with other Glassolutions products in order to increase safety and security, to enhance thermal insulation, to achieve sound insulation and solar control, or just to decorate your environment.