Embossed Glass

Coloured decorative glass for indoor and outdoor applications

Glassolutions embossed glass is a range of safety decorative glass thermoformed and printed for indoor and outdoor decoration. Embossed glass creates visual impact using variations of colour, texture and translucency. It is an ideal product for partitions as room dividers or doors to create sunning effects, but also as wall cladding or decorative panels in living spaces. The moulds, created using different images, allow original and unique composition for each project.


Glassolutions CREA-LITE is a safety decorative glass manufactured by softening clear or body-tinted glass at high temperature. Original and unique compositions are created using a mould with personalised designs taken from a photograph or a numerical file. The glass when softened, assumes the 3D shapes of the mould. Glassolutions CREA-LITE can also be coloured by printing on glass, allowing you to have a personalised and unique product for indoor and outdoor decoration.


Glassolutions CREA-LITE is suitable for many interior as well as exterior applications. It gives a personalised touch to any room from interior doors in living rooms to shower screens in bathrooms. Glassolutions CREA-LITE can also be used to decorate interiors if applied in counter tops or tables or to create stunning effects if used as wall claddings or decorative panels. In exterior applications such as facades, balustrades and surface cladding Glassolutions CREA-LITE can make any building stand out.


Glassolutions CREA-LITE is a toughened decorative safety glass, which can be used in a wide range of applications including safety critical locations. It is also heat soak tested as standard. It is the perfect product for creative expression, utilising texture and colour to create bespoke compositions.