Cracked ice

Cracked ice glass allows you to add style and an artistic touch to your home

Glassolutions’ range of cracked ice enables you to bring a personal touch to your living room. The exclusive broken glass effect that is unique to every piece gives you a product different from any other. The decorative effect can be enhanced by choosing coloured float glass, elliptical shapes or rounded edges. Perfect in any interior space, cracked ice decorates and protects every surface of furniture, particularly tables.


Glassolutions SPLITTED GLASS​ is a laminated composition consisting of 3 layers of glass. In the middle, surrounded by float or toughened glass, there is a shattered layer of toughened glass. Glassolutions SPLITTED GLASS is a decorative product ideal for indoor applications as well as exterior applications.


Cracked ice glass thanks to its broken glass look can give a unique visual character to any interior in a variety of different applications. No matter where, whether used for private houses or offices and shops, cracked ice glass is ideal for indoor applications, in particular to furnish table tops, shelving and feature glazing. Get inspired by our cracked ice glass and create stunning effects in your interiors.


Cracked ice adds visual impact, and even colour in every room and in any application. It seamlessly matches both traditional and contemporary interiors and it is able to adapt to any colour and material used for home decoration.