Coloured Glass

Coloured glass brings vividness and brightness to any room.

Glassolutions coloured glass thanks to its unique films allows you to try hundreds of different colours. Coloured glass can be used in external and internal spaces allowing you to achieve a stunning and unique effect in any application in homes, offices, shops and hotels. Be creative and personalise your spaces with the right shade.  


Glassolutions STADIP COLOR is a coloured laminated safety glass consisting of two or more glass layers which are assembled using one or more coloured Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) films. Films of different colours can be combined up to a maximum of 4. This gives you the possibility of producing over 1000 colours.


Able to adapt in external and internal applications, coloured glass can be used in homes, offices, shops and hotels. Coloured partitions can make any office more energetic and lively and coloured glass staircases and balustrades can be the next interior design idea for your restaurant or hotel. Whether applied to front doors, flooring or furnishing coloured glass adds a contemporary feel to any home interior, from living room, bathroom, kitchen or bedroom. 


Glassolutions STADIP COLOR is designed for application where coloured glass combined with the performance of laminated glass is required. In addition it reduces the transmission of ultraviolet radiation and it can also improve the solar insulation performance of double gazing.