A full range of extra clear glass that can adapt to many different applications

Glassolutions bespoke range of clear glass, thanks to its aesthetic and optical qualities, is suitable for a wide range of interior and external applications. Clear glass can seamlessly adapt to all your needs from interior usage such as internal doors and partitions, or for tables and shelves, to external applications like shop windows and facades.


PLANICLEAR is a high quality transparent glass with improved optics and with low iron content. More transparent and less absorbent, it limits the architectural constraints and gives more freedom to the designer. PLANICLEAR pushes up the level of Light Transmission (LT) to favour natural daylight and when combined with the PLANITHERM product range, PLANICLEAR provides excellent thermal insulation (Ug).


PARSOL is a body-tinted float glass, manufactured in the same way as PLANICLEAR clear float glass. It is available in bronze, grey and green. PARSOL is also available as PARSOL ULTRA GREY an intense and brilliant grey coloured glass. PARSOL, like PLANICLEAR, is intended for universal applications where an attractive appearance or basic solar control is required.


DIAMANT is a unique colourless extra clear float glass with very low iron oxide content. As a result the glass has a very high light transmittance level and is significantly less green in appearance when compared to ordinary float glass. DIAMANT is therefore the only clear glass which allows a natural and true representation of white and pastel colours when enamelled, lacquered or screen printed.


Glassolutions clear glasses thanks to their appearance are suitable for a large range of applications. All the range of clear glass is cut to size in order to satisfy all your needs. The more neutral colour of PLANICLEAR helps to better integrate windows in today’s houses. The view outside is more natural and the yellowish aspect from exterior is limited. PARSOL, like PLANICLEAR, is intended for universal applications, its ideal use comprehends interior applications for decoration, fittings and furniture wall paneling and partitions. PARSOL in exterior applications can be used in single or double glazing, for facades and overhead glazing. DIAMANT, Glassolutions’ extra-clear glass, can be used not only for interior decorations and furniture, but also in external facades making you feel closer to your external surroundings.   




Glassolutions range of clear glass with higher light transmission helps creating bright interiors, especially when glass is used as a partition. The high brightness of clear glass is very noticeable in thick applications, monolithic or laminated: partitions, doors, showers and shop windows.