Anti-reflective glass

Anti-reflective glass offers maximum transparency and unpaired vision through glass

Our range of anti-reflective glass reduces visible light reflectance offering you a very high transparency level and a very low residual reflectance. To achieve the anti-reflective effect the glass must be coated on both faces, allowing you a clear view from both inside and outside. This makes our range of anti-reflective glasses the best choice for shop fronts and showrooms, museums and display cabinets, terraced stadiums and panorama restaurants, television and recording studios, zoos and aquariums.





Glassolutions VISION-LITE is an anti-reflective coated glass which significantly reduces the reflection of light on the surface of the glass. To achieve the anti-reflective effect, the glass must be coated on both faces. Glassolutions VISION-LITE is a coated glass, applied with a transparent coating of metallic oxide, and is treated on both sides in order to get the anti-reflective effect.


Our anti-reflective glass is ideal for both external and internal applications. Their outstanding transparency allows you to have perfect vision through the glass and thanks to the many different processing options it is able to adapt to several applications. Anti-reflective laminated safety glass is ideal for shop fronts, anti-reflective sound insulated glass can be applied in partitions, and anti-reflective thermal glass can be perfect for panoramic restaurant and terraced stadiums.  


Glassolutions VISION-LITE gives you 10 times less reflection than conventional glass for improved visibility. Light reflection is typically 8 %. With only 1 % of residual reflection, the anti-reflective VISION-LITE eliminates almost all reflections for optimal vision.